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10 Top Global Mindset Qualities for Youth

10 Top Global Mindset Qualities for Youth 1

What 3 Studies Say About Women…

#BeBoldforChangein2017 It is great to be a woman, especially in the 21st Century! Today, women are scaling into leadership positions through sheer determination and passion for what they are equipped to do and love doing best. But, as women celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 (IWD), the grass seems a bit greener on the other side […]

Poverty is Real!

Countries around the world gathered on September 25, 2015, to adopt a set of goals that ends poverty, protects the planet, and ensures prosperity for all as part of a Sustainable Development Agenda. With the help of governments, private sectors, and people like you and me, we plan to achieve each goal’s specific target within […]

Time to take charge!

So a lot has been going on in the development world and my eyes are fixed on the Sustainable Development Goals. Guided by the principles of these Global Goals, I am proud to be part of the Sustainable Development Goals movement. I am purposed to contribute effectively to the 2030 vision. As an independent development […]