Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Management Consultancy

Who We are

Our Vision:

A sustainable world where individuals, businesses, institutions, and organizations develop sustainable operations that meet the needs of humanity

Our Mission:

To develop sustainability practices and communicate economic, environmental, social and governance performances through a multi-stakeholder transparent and structured approach

Our Focus:

Our focus is on disclosing information that responds to the transition of a ‘green economy’ and how your company impacts both positively and negatively to economic, environmental, social, challenges. We consider sustainability topics such as human rights, labour practices, diversity and inclusion supply chains and supplier diversity, and much more. We ensure you operate responsible business practices, work effectively within your license to function and have robust, resilient and effective business models in this changing landscape.

Our Approach:

We believe in delivering projects that create value for our clients. We proactively address global sustainability challenges and have transformed a complicated process into a seamless experience. Let us share our knowledge and strengthen your competitive advantage by implementing effective sustainability management within your operations.


Our Values:



Be helpful and considerate

Sensitive to people’s personal situations


Provide excellent service at all times

Be problem solvers


Be tactical and advocate for positive change

Think outside the box – be trailblazers


Be trustworthy and reliable

Honour others and inspire them to succeed


Embrace a ‘can do attitude’ at all times

Be a mentor and mentee


Be committed to solving global challenges and help the present and future generations


Our Work Culture:

Belief, Attitude and Possibilities

We put our clients first and strive to make their experience positive and memorable. This positive energy is reflective in the drive of our team, made of men and women with confidence in their respective areas of specialty. We understand our client’s objectives and think outside the box. Our creativity is a platform for opportunities and sustainable growth. We provide superior work because we listen and understand our clients.

Workspace and Relationships

TAAI consultants and associates work as a team and will always be happy to go the extra mile for you. As a business, we will provide you with alternatives for you to choose from and advise you on the best workable option for you. We strive to work hard at all times. We provide you with honest service, accurate information, timely advice and reliable statistics and case studies.

Pledge to Clients

We have an international reputation, which is highly respected, and which is extremely important to us. We maintain high data protection standards and will not divulge any of your information to third parties without your express authority. Your satisfaction is our great campaign. We take the utmost pride in your success.