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February 16, 2017

Time to take charge!

So a lot has been going on in the development world and my eyes are fixed on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Guided by the principles of these Global Goals, I am proud to be part of the Sustainable Development Goals movement. I am purposed to contribute effectively to the 2030 vision. As an independent development consultant, I am excited that my clients can embark on different projects, devise policies and engage in productive practices that will ensure we provide a ‘greener’ future for the next generation. That is if we all work ‘together’ as people advancing towards achieving common goals – 17 to be precise.

From now onwards, I will encourage my clients to look into the following (amongst others) as the African continent take centre stage in the world:

Business Clients:

  • Assume a position of influence
  • Work closely with national and international companies and foster socio-economic ties
  • Encourage ‘hands on training’ and measurable work experience to boost productivity
  • Develop a labour force that can compete on the global scene
  • Identify the needs of the nation and provide effective profit-making solutions
  • Give back to the communities they work in

Government Agencies:

  • Develop strategies and effective policies especially to mitigate against harmful climate effects
  • Focus on innovative skills and enhance productivity
  • Develop technical know-how and learn to stay abreast with information communication technology and e-commerce
  • Improve the value chain and packaging for end products
  • Observe how to create Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Develop youth risk takers and entrepreneurs to move the African continent forward

Civil Societies:

  • Foster economic, health, education and social progress and highlight the importance of environmental and climate change effects on development
  • Ensure diverse social representation in all facets of development
  • Strengthen global partnership and develop strong capacity building pillars
  • Ensure accountability, effective evaluation and monitoring of development projects
  • Help governments develop innovative solutions to eradicate poverty by 2030
  • Make sure the voices of the poor and marginalised are heard through the corridors of power

Tokunbo Ifaturoti


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