Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Management Consultancy


TAAI-CSR is the giving back and volunteering arm of our business. We support projects by donating time, skills and money to tackle social and economic problems in our communities. TAAI-CSR uses its core business strategies to address the particular needs it recognises for the development of vulnerable children, youth and women.


TAAI-CSR has set up an Employability and Leadership Empowerment Initiative. This will address the lack of practical employability skills currently observed in many youths aged between 18-35 yrs. Research shows over 80% of youth in Nigeria are unemployed, unemployable or underemployed. Most of them come from low income – backgrounds and attended non-private tertiary education institutions. We are committed to making sure youth in Nigeria can be inspired by role models and get jobs.


  1. Attend Career and Life Skills Workshops
  2. Gain practical Employability Skills
  3. Acquire Mentoring and Leadership Skills
  4. Access Self-awareness Programmes

TAAI-CSR also tackles poverty and other related socio-economic disparities in communities through a registered Charity Organisation – ChiYoWo (Children, Youth and Women) Empowerment Initiative. In 2017, the Charity at a community level will coordinate and improve on nutrition and health facilities in Internally Displaced Persons camps (IDP) in Nigeria. ChiYoWo, with the support of TAAI-CSR, will promote access to mainstream education for schools without walls and provide outreach and psycho-social support for vulnerable families.


TAAI-IT is an African Digital Empowerment Hub designed to foster e-business and digital advancement on the African continent and the rest of the world. Particular emphasis is placed on emerging trends within the E-commerce, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and digi-world. We aim to provide strategic and entrepreneurial guidance for youth in relation to existing and new ‘techie ideas’. We will leverage on the expertise of business, industry experts and Angel Investors to provide guidance as we identify and provide development solutions. This delivery platform will be via a blogging, bespoke training and ‘Dragons Den’ Style competitions.


  1. Design ICT and digital solutions
  2. Understanding e-commerce customers trends and expectations
  3. Implementing communication strategies
  4. Insight into cyber security threats
  5. Partake in Creative Innovation